my writing MISSION

TO take you away from reality, if only for a brief moment. I am to inspire, entertain, and thrill you.


Aside from my work as a thriller writer, I also serve as the editor-in-chief to a publication called Prehistoric Magazine. It has been a subject matter that I have been fascinated with since childhood. ​​


Writing is a very solitary and lonely pursuit. My goal first and foremost as a writer has always been to improve each and every year as a storyteller, but most importantly I strive to bring out the kid that exists in all of us. 

-Mike Esola


My work as a writer and editor-in-chief at Prehistoric Magazine lends itself to considerable research. I am always searching for my next book or magazine topic, and routinely keep my eyes peeled for interesting scientific facts and tidbits of information. 


I began work on my first novel in 2009, and since then it has been a slow but steady progression. Book sales at first were non-existent, but I plodded on, realizing persistence is the most important asset we human beings possess.